Can I purchase rolls directly from your bakery?

Please find our rolls at your grocer's frozen foods section. Visit our Find Us page to find your local grocer providing Millie Ray and Sons rolls and biscuits. You can purchase selected items in our online store.

I’m a retailer or caterer interested in purchasing your rolls in bulk quantity. Who should I contact?

Thank you! Please direct inquiries through our contact form. We look forward to your inquiry!

Can I microwave Millie Ray and Sons rolls?

Yes, and the quality remains the same as if you baked them! Directions for microwaving are found on the pack. We recommend you follow as listed to ensure the best quality serving.

Is it better to cook Millie Ray and Sons products frozen or thawed?

Your pick! You may cook either frozen or thawed. Both reheating options provide you quality options. Be sure to follow the directions on pack no matter which option you choose.

How long should I thaw my Millie Ray and Sons rolls before I cook?

You may thaw rolls in the refrigerator or on your counter. Our rolls are baked to allow for cooking either frozen or thawed. However, if you choose to thaw them, then please ensure your rolls have completely thawed before reheating.

Help? Your products are listed as being at my store, but I cannot find them. What should I do?

If you cannot find Millie Ray and Sons at one of our listed stores, then please ask the store manager to complete a request form. Thank you for your help!

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