Can I purchase rolls directly from your bakery?

No, rolls can only be purchased from retail locations. Please visit our store locator page.

I’m a retailer or caterer interested in purchasing your rolls in bulk quantity. Who should I contact?

Please direct any inquiries through our contact form and you will receive a prompt reply. You can also direct any inquiries to Ben Ray by calling 404-433-6698.

Do you have other products available for purchase?

Millie Ray’s is always researching and testing new product ideas. Please inquire about wholesale options through our contact form.

I have a donation request. Who should I contact?

Please email our Marketing department at allison@millierayandsons.com or direct all inquires through our contact page. We do not consider requests via social media.

Are Millie Ray’s Cinnamon Rolls served for breakfast in all Milo's locations?

Yes! Find your nearest Milo's by clicking here.

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